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Our Clients


We understand the importance of having a good supplier and client relationship to ensure the consumer
of our products keep coming back for more, by developing a product that is right for the business.


Whether its to tailor a product that is suitable for your needs, or just to tap into what we produce already,
its important that your customer has an enjoyable experience.



We have products and concepts that suit this

working environment, be it in staff restaurants at city based banks, or workers in car manufacturing canteens. There is a solution for all.

Products and concepts are being used for
this industry area, staff and visitor’s onsite,
or solutions for the wards.

We have made progress in a number of areas
within defence to provide authentic concepts for
pay as you dine, retail and senior ranks.

We are feeding quite a few students within
the university sector right now, and sampling
during fresher’s goes down a treat.

Hotels & Restaurants
A vast range of products that already fit well
within this sector are available. Individual meal solutions, support for large events, or components
to enhance your current offer.

Products and menus for large events in areas such
as racecourses, exhibitions, outdoor festivals, stadiums and wedding venues are available.

James Innes

Company Director


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Vishal Khanna

Company Director


Mubeen Mitha

Company Director


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The Original Curry Company Ltd
Balti House (The Factory)
Parkway Road
West Midlands

Tel: 020 3372 5880


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We at the Original Curry Company feel that real authenticity should be like eating at someone’s home. Inspired by family recipes that have been handed down for generations, we passionately prepare all our food using the finest ingredients and deliver straight to your kitchen.


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About Us


We at the Original Curry Company proudly produce a wide variety of authentic curries from around the world. We cater to a broad scope of industry sectors including B&I, Healthcare, M.O.D, Education, Retail and the Airline Industry. All our products are produced to a high standard, this way we can help you look great in terms of food, in what is already a busy and competitive marketplace.


All our curries are produced from a BRC certified premises in Dudley. Our quality controls ensure that we only purchase goods and raw materials from manufacturers operating to the highest standards in hygiene, quality and safety. We choose the finest ingredients for our dishes to maintain a premium standard throughout our operation, and using traditional cooking methods to hold onto valuable nutrients and extract all the natural flavour. Our meat and poultry are delivered to us at a very high standard and we marinate all our meat and poultry dishes with a blend of masala spices, so our food tastes as authentic as you would expect it to be.


World Foods



Authentic Curries from Around the World!

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