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James Innes

Company Director


James spent his early years working in hotels and restaurants, and later joined the B&I sector, working in and out of kitchens throughout the UK. James has spent the last 15 years the other side of the fence as a supplier to the trade, and has been instrumental in the growth of our business.


James is responsible for sales and marketing of our business, and also plays a major part in our factory in Dudley, supporting technical and production. Also works very closely with our customers and chefs alike to ensure we are always on top of the consumers ever changing tastes and trends.


Mubeen Mitha

Company Director


Mubeen has spent many years at the forefront of food manufacturing, and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food production, and plays a major part in the development of our business.


 Mubeen is responsible for the majority of the buying, management of the production, and the logistics to ensure our products get to you in good time.
On the odd occasion, you may just find him out and about supporting some of
our customers.




Vishal Khanna

Company Director


Vishal is very much a hands on professional, proudly producing all of the curries alongside his experienced and enthusiastic team of many years. Vishal believes that the essence of a great dish stems from its origin; all recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and it is this passion in all our curries that ensures a truly authentic experience.


Vishal comes from a family of restaurateurs, his Grandfather was one of the first to open and own a fine dining Indian restaurant in Mumbai, and as a young boy spent his time hovering around the kitchen, firing up his enthusiasm for great cooking. Over the years Vishal has explored his inner talent and passion for food by studying classical cooking and trained at The Taj Hotel in Mumbai, before travelling across America and Europe to work in many
fine restaurants.


Over the last 20 years, Vishal has managed to convert his restaurant style cooking, into greater volumes, providing the great product we have on offer today.



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